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Book Review – Nothing but the Truth by Avi December 22, 2011

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If you are looking for a good book that makes you think, Nothing but theTruth  is for you. This story really makes you consider who is right and who is wrong.  The story line is very interesting, but leaves the reader hoping that there is a sequel to tell them more of what happens in the end. It is a real page turner, that makes you fully understand how one little thing can turn into a big, big deal.

Phillip Malloy is a pretty typical 9th grade boy with a pretty typical life, when a series of events puts him in the national spotlight.  His main interest is track and he trains every day to be fast like his father, who never got a chance to run in college. Phillip doesn’t like his English class, especially the way his teacher, Miss Narwin, focuses on the classics.  Even though he does pretty well in school in general, he finds the English class boring and so he is often the class clown. He doesn’t read the books and he makes funny comments in class.

His English teacher, Miss Narwin, has taught for many years and she believes in what she is teaching. She wants to be an even better teacher, but the school will not pay for her to go to a class in new methods. When Phillip gets a D grade in English, he wants out of Miss Narwin’s class.  When he is changed to Miss Narwin’s class for homeroom, he starts humming the National Anthem in conflict with the instructions on the announcements.  Is he being patriotic, or just trying to get on her nerves? After he is suspended for disrupting with his singing, Phillip is put more and more in the spotlight. 

Events start happening that he may not be able to control.  What really happened and why, may be lost as his “patriotic” singing take on a life of its own.  With politicians and school budgets, along with radio, TV and newspapers involved, will the real truth be known?  This book clearly shows the difference between “The Truth” and the truth in the context of what happened. Read it and decide for yourself when is the Truth NOT the Truth.