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Book Group Reflection – 3rd Day May 20, 2012

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At our third meeting, the group had all completed the book.  This was the first time we could all discuss all of the events in the book. We helped each other understand any remaining confusion in the book. We continued our discussion of the characters and what we thought they looked like, and what we could infer that wasn’t literally spelled out about them. We also talked about how Cammie’s jealousies, and how she related to the other characters, were important to the story. Her jealousies created the motivation for her actions and that moved the story along.  Characters with feelings that seemed believable, made the story interesting.




We decided that the main purpose of the book was to entertain us. We thought an additional purpose was to relate to readers of a similar age with similar problems. By making the story enjoyable and easy to read, it was easier for the author to get her other purpose across.  A few of us would like to read other books with these characters or by this author. Others did not like this book that much. Most of us thought that reading a book with a book group was helpful.


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