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Book Group Reflection – 2nd Day May 20, 2012

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At our second meeting, most of the group was ahead of our target page of the book, but some of the members were just on target.  This affected our discussion becuase some people wanted to talk about events upcoming in the book.  We discussed the tools that Cammie used in her missions. She used typical objects like a necklace in an unusual way. These kinds of details made the events more interesting and relatable. We discussed parts of the book that we thought were confusing, and made sure everyone was ready to move on.



Next week, all of us should be finished with the book.  We plan to talk about how more characters are brought in. These characters affect the story because Cammie’s jealousies affect her actions. We also will talk about how we picture the characters based on what we are told about them in the book. We will discuss the feelings of others towards Cammie. We will try to determine what is the meaning of the book.  What was it trying to teach us?


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