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Book Group Reflection – 1 day May 8, 2012

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My group’s book discussion went very well. Our book that we chose to read was ” I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You”. The first thing we talked about was the theme and cover of the book. The group had some very interesting thoughts and point of views. We discussed Cammie, the main character, and what we thought her feelings and insecurities were. My group also pointed out what character best fit to their own personality. After going through all the topics and questions we played a game where you act like one of the characters, and then the rest of the group members to guess which one it is.



Next week we will try to all be at page 100, so we can continue on through the chapter and talk about the theme of the story so far. Next time we will talk about the new characters introduced and their  connections to the existing characters.  We will also discuss how the introduction of new characters helps the author move the plot along.  We will examine how the character’s relationships change.  We will talk about the supplies Cammie uses and how they affect the plot. We will see if we can determine if the author’s purpose was something other than just to entertain us.


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