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AOW- Does Talent Matter- REVISED April 13, 2012

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Do you ever wonder why someone is so much more successful than you?  Do you think they were born with a natural talent?  Although intelligence makes things easier, you cannot get anywhere without practice. The article,” Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters,” makes sense because as they say, practice does matter. Intelligence just matters too. Even the researchers who talk about practice being the most important, say IQ does not matter above 120. 120 is a high IQ since I have been told that average IQ is 85 to 115, so really, these two researchers are not that much in disagreement. IQ and practice both help you, so to be the very best you need to be lucky to be born smart and then work hard to use your intelligence to accomplish something. The main thing that divides people is hard workers and non-hard workers.


People that do not work very hard whether or not they are born smart and talented will not be very successful.  If a person is born with IQ below 120 and then does not work very hard,  he or she will not have very much success. They were not lucky to have above average IQ and they are not practicing at anything, so they probably will be average in school and in their jobs. They will have average success if they have average IQ and work a little. If their IQ is low and they don’t practice and work hard, they may have a hard time in life. The people who are born with IQ above 120 and don’t work very hard will do a little better but not as good as they could. They might have the potential to discover something new or invent something helpful but they are not putting enough effort into using their intelligence to do something great.



Instead of wasting what they were born with, people who have a lower IQ below 120 but work hard may be very successful because they have made up for their intelligence with hard work. The lower IQ is not as important as the hard work. These hard workers will probably be successful in life, but because they have average or below IQ, they probably will not be able to cure cancer or make the huge discovery. Just as you might expect, the people born with IQ over 120 and working very hard have the chance to really do great things. They are lucky to be born with a high IQ and they are putting all of their talents to good use. According to the research in the article, the people who do really great things have very high IQs. They must also work hard to benefit from the really high IQ.



The biggest difference will always be between the hard workers who practice, and the people, born talented or not, that do not work hard. The hard workers will always make the best use of their talents and those who do not practice and work hard will rarely reach their potential.  Hard work can make up for not being born with a ton of brains and talent. Like the article says, you maybe can get a PhD with average IQ, but it is going to be hard and the odds are definitely against you being the person to cure cancer. You might as well try to be the best you can be, because you may be the one to beat the odds. You cannot change what you are born with, but you can change how much you use your talents, and hard work really matters.


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