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Holocaust Questions March 21, 2012

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Why should student learn about the Holocaust?

Students should learn about the Holocaust because if they do not know about this part of history, then they might repeat the actions of this tragedy.  Many of the people involved did not know how bad the actions were.  They just went along with the idea, thinking that people might lose some rights but did not know that they were being tortured and killed.  Little actions that do not respect the rights of people and discrimination and hatred can grow until terrible things are happening.  If students learn about the Holocaust then they can help stop the hate before it grows too large to control.


What contemporary issue would you be interested to learn more about and take action in?

I am interested in the issue of bullying and how to stop it.  Bullying is a current problem that is growing.  Like in the Holocaust, there are more people just standing by and tolerating it, than are really actively participating in it.  If all of the people, who are not bullies, would speak up and stop the bullies then I think the problem could be solved. Some people are just too busy or do not understand how serious this problem is.  I would like to know how to get all of the good people who are not involved to get involved and stop the bullies.


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