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Book Discussion- Reflection March 9, 2012

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1. One thing that stuck out to you or was meaningful to you. Why?

I thought our discussion was very interesting and I learned a lot, but the one thing that stood out to me was about how in the holocaust, the mistreatment of the Jewish people was so hidden. In my book it tells about how the nazi’s made a movie showing how “wonderful” the concentration camp was. It stuck out, because it was probably the biggest part of the holocaust. As it showed me a specific detail of how horrible it was, it also made me think about the whole event in a different perspective.

2. How the book you read demonstrated people overcoming challenges?

In my book, Terezin, Jews overcame the challenge of being mistreated as much as was physically possible. Even though the Nazis controlled their freedom, it did not control their minds. Many continued to be kind. Many were able to remain creative and artistic even as their art was used to lie about the town. They coped with the situation to make the best of it and overcame the Nazis’ attempt to dehumanize them.

3. Issue that is personally relevant to you today. Why?

An issue that is personally relevant to me is the academic over scheduling of teenagers. With the demands of school, day and night, there is not enough time to participate in artistic and social activities. School work should be limited to the school day just like work should be limited to the work day. Time away from school and work should be free to volunteer, relax, read for fun and to do artistic and creative thing that are personally interesting. Teens could eat better and get enough sleep. If school was kept in the school day, then teens would be better rested, healthier and happier. Some people probably think teens would not use their time wisely but I feel that they would make good choices – resting when they need rest and being active in activities that would help them develop their talents.


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