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AOW – Orphanage In Kenya February 17, 2012

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Can one person make a difference?  Clearly they can. In the case of Ben Hardwick, a college student using social media to get a story out regarding an African orphanage’s need, a true life changing response resulted. He blogged about how the orphanage had been attacked, and posted a picture of the man who was cut by a machete in his face while defending the orphans and the orphanage.  This defender was also in his twenties so someone users of social media such as students could identify with. 

I think most people are generous and want to help but do not really know where the donations go if they donate to a large organization.  Does it pay people in high priced jobs or really help people?  In this case, the need was very understandable. The people who needed help were individuals that you could see, children and adults that were taking care of them.

So how was one person successful in getting support?  He got the word out. He made it clear that donations were really needed and needed now, not later. He made it clear that he believed in this project and someone else was so committed to risk his life to defend it.  I am guessing that many of the people who donated were people just like the defender and the blogger, students who would help if they were there. Social media has made communication of facts and of ideas much easier.  This request on the internet is much more personal than just a news report. It is more like the girl next door selling Girl Scout cookies.  You know her. You know she deserves support and you like to help.  Social media makes everyone seem more like the girl next door.

One person making a difference does not mean they have to do it all alone.  Not only can other people donate to a cause, sometimes an individual can start a helping kind of business that grows.  An example of this is Tom’s shoes.  He started off with one idea in his mind, but he shared that idea and got a few people to support him and when he got momentum, he built a successful business that makes a difference.  Really anything starts with one person thinking of an idea, so definitely one person can make a difference.  They just have to get one more person to help in some way and it can take off and be a bigger and bigger impact.


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