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AOW – The Keurig Question February 5, 2012

Filed under: Article of the Week — prushton101 @ 11:38 pm

This article that I just read on the Los Angeles Times website, points out that there are many things that you have to look at to decide if a product is environmentally friendly.  This product, the Keurig cup, has problems being recycled but the company is doing other things right.  I thk you have to consider everything about a product, before you decide if you should buy it.

The company that makes the Keurig cup is trying to do some things right.  The coffee and tea that they buy is environmentally friendly.  Some of the tea is Celestial Seasonings brand.  I have toured their warehouse and know that they have many programs in place to be kind to the Earth.  The parent company of Keurig, is the number one buyer of fair trade coffee which means that they are trying to buy the coffee where the earth and the workers are not exploited. They are also using solar power and composting at the company.

Keurig says that they are working on environmentally friendly packaging.  The problem right now is the package is made of 3 different materials, so it cannot be recycled.  There have been some inventions to let you use the cups more than once, but they seem like only some people who are dedicated to do the right thing would use them.  Keurig said they tried a paper only cup but it was not good quality.

I think right now it is good to use this company if you need its products but we should keep watching them to see if they keep their promise to improve.  While they are doing some things right, we should help keep them in business.  If they make progress, we should keep supporting them.  If they stop improving or stop doing the good actions, then we should take our business elsewhere.  When deciding to buy a product or not, you should consider the whole big picture.


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