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AOW – Orphanage In Kenya February 17, 2012

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Can one person make a difference?  Clearly they can. In the case of Ben Hardwick, a college student using social media to get a story out regarding an African orphanage’s need, a true life changing response resulted. He blogged about how the orphanage had been attacked, and posted a picture of the man who was cut by a machete in his face while defending the orphans and the orphanage.  This defender was also in his twenties so someone users of social media such as students could identify with. 

I think most people are generous and want to help but do not really know where the donations go if they donate to a large organization.  Does it pay people in high priced jobs or really help people?  In this case, the need was very understandable. The people who needed help were individuals that you could see, children and adults that were taking care of them.

So how was one person successful in getting support?  He got the word out. He made it clear that donations were really needed and needed now, not later. He made it clear that he believed in this project and someone else was so committed to risk his life to defend it.  I am guessing that many of the people who donated were people just like the defender and the blogger, students who would help if they were there. Social media has made communication of facts and of ideas much easier.  This request on the internet is much more personal than just a news report. It is more like the girl next door selling Girl Scout cookies.  You know her. You know she deserves support and you like to help.  Social media makes everyone seem more like the girl next door.

One person making a difference does not mean they have to do it all alone.  Not only can other people donate to a cause, sometimes an individual can start a helping kind of business that grows.  An example of this is Tom’s shoes.  He started off with one idea in his mind, but he shared that idea and got a few people to support him and when he got momentum, he built a successful business that makes a difference.  Really anything starts with one person thinking of an idea, so definitely one person can make a difference.  They just have to get one more person to help in some way and it can take off and be a bigger and bigger impact.


AOW – The Keurig Question February 5, 2012

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This article that I just read on the Los Angeles Times website, points out that there are many things that you have to look at to decide if a product is environmentally friendly.  This product, the Keurig cup, has problems being recycled but the company is doing other things right.  I thk you have to consider everything about a product, before you decide if you should buy it.

The company that makes the Keurig cup is trying to do some things right.  The coffee and tea that they buy is environmentally friendly.  Some of the tea is Celestial Seasonings brand.  I have toured their warehouse and know that they have many programs in place to be kind to the Earth.  The parent company of Keurig, is the number one buyer of fair trade coffee which means that they are trying to buy the coffee where the earth and the workers are not exploited. They are also using solar power and composting at the company.

Keurig says that they are working on environmentally friendly packaging.  The problem right now is the package is made of 3 different materials, so it cannot be recycled.  There have been some inventions to let you use the cups more than once, but they seem like only some people who are dedicated to do the right thing would use them.  Keurig said they tried a paper only cup but it was not good quality.

I think right now it is good to use this company if you need its products but we should keep watching them to see if they keep their promise to improve.  While they are doing some things right, we should help keep them in business.  If they make progress, we should keep supporting them.  If they stop improving or stop doing the good actions, then we should take our business elsewhere.  When deciding to buy a product or not, you should consider the whole big picture.


AOW – Does Talent Matter

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I think the article,” Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters,” makes sense because as they say, practice does matter.  Intelligence just matters too.  Even the researchers who talk about practice being the most important say IQ does not matter above 120.  120 is a high IQ since I have been told that average IQ is 85 to 115, so really, these two researchers are not that much in disagreement.  IQ and practice both help you, so to be the very best you need to be lucky to be born smart and then work hard to use your intelligence to accomplish something.

I think there are 4 main groups:

1. Born with IQ below 120 and then don’t work very hard:

These people are not going to have very much success.  They were not lucky to have above average IQ and they are not practicing at anything, so they probably will  be average in school and in their jobs.  They will have average success if they have average IQ and work a little.  If their IQ is low and they don’t practice and work hard, they may have a hard time in life.

2. Born with IQ above 120 and don’t work very hard:

These people will probably do ok but not as good as they could.  They might have the potential to discover something new or invent something helpful but they are not putting enough effort into using their intelligence to do something great.

3. Born with IQ below 120 and working hard:

Unless their IQ is really low, these people may be very successful because they have made up for their intelligence with hard work.  They will probably be successful in life but because they have average or below IQ, they probably will not cure cancer or make the huge discovery.

4. Born with IQ over 120 and working very hard.

These are the people who have the chance to really do great things. They are lucky to be born with a high IQ and they are putting all of their talents to good use.  According to the research in the article, the people who do really great things have very high IQs.  I think they must also work hard to benefit from the really high IQ.

Like the article says, you maybe can get a PhD with average IQ but it is going to be hard and the odds are definitely against you being the person to cure cancer.  I say you might as well try to be the best you can, be because you may be the one to beat the odds.  You cannot change what you are born with, but you can change how much you use your talents.


I can make a difference February 2, 2012

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How can one person make a difference when encountering a social challenge?
I know that challenges such as hatred and bullying are happening every day, but that does no have to happen. People can stick up for another in a case like this by using calm and helpful communication skills and trying to interact with the other person in a positive way. Your ideas, feelings, and opinions can be heard if you want them to.

Overcoming these challenges might be hard, but you can always use what you already know to help guide you to success! Many situations can be classified as a social problem, but you can change them if you continue to use your knowledge of listening and responding skills.