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New Years Resolutions January 4, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — prushton101 @ 5:57 am

I think that people should have resolutions. I do not think that people should only have them at new year’s. Good resolutions are like goals. Goals are things you want to do better.

If you set a goal and work at your goal then you will be happier because some of your goals will be achieved and your life will be better. If your goals are about people then your life will be better with your friends. If your goals are about school, your grades will get better. If your goals are about extracurricular activities, then you may win more or have more fun.

If you make resolutions that can’t be reached like winning a million dollars or to be the fastest human on the planet, then you are setting yourself up to be disappointed. It should be something you can achieve with hard work and focus. .Resolutions are good if you are willing to put effort into them. If you just wait for them to happen in the future, they will never get done unless you try.


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