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AOW- Writing Tips from Sponge Bob January 23, 2012

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When I read the title of this article, I was curious to see how the writer would relate the cartoon to writing skills.  I was not sure if there would be a real connection, but she ending up connecting each character’s personality to a writing type.  The character that is the best on the show, Sponge Bob, is the character whose personality traits are what you want when writing on the web.


As she described each character accurately, she gave them a believable writing characteristic that you wanted to avoid that was related to their behavior on the show.  I agree that Mr. Krabs is over the top in his desire to make money above all else, and only focusing on money will not make your writing good. On the other hand, you can have an interesting website or blog, and because it is interesting, you will have many people who want to read your writing, and that can translate into making money.  If you are giving your reader something of value, you can be successful financially.  I am sure that the writer of the article is paid for her writing.


I think the other characters were well used as examples to not be boring and to not steal other people’s ideas.  I agree that Sponge Bob as the good guy in the show represents a good writer, with hard work, fun attitude and creativity.


Also, I think another good character to include would be Sandy. Sandy is smart and a great inventor. I think Sandyshould be added to the writer’s list.  Here is what her profile could look like and what the conclusion would look like:


Sandy- Her creative ability helps Sponge Bob out of situations and sometimes a writer has to recover from mistakes also. When you get into a situation that is not working out, just stop, use your brain and try another approach.  Then you can rewrite or edit your way out of trouble.


1. Write articles to help others, not with dollar signs in your eyes.

2. Write your own material. Don’t copy others.

3. Proofread your articles carefully, and provide valuable information.

4. Be entertaining. Not boring.

5. Be a SpongeBob! Hard work and persistence pay off.

6. It is ok to mess up, Just go back, rewrite and edit.


Life’s destiny January 9, 2012

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Character Traits January 5, 2012

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Do all human character traits have to be good?

Throughout learning about heroes, I realize that heroes are made everywhere and everyday. Heroes are sometimes thought of as super heroes, with powers, but I know that they could be an average, everyday person. These people are not perfect. They just have the right characteristics that can impact whether they do right or wrong. Every person has flaws, everyone uses them in different ways.

Also…If there is no sadness, is there such thing as being happy? Life is about having mistakes and working off it. There are no BAD characteristics there are only stepping stones to success.

What do you think?


Book Trailer January 4, 2012

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New Years Resolutions

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I think that people should have resolutions. I do not think that people should only have them at new year’s. Good resolutions are like goals. Goals are things you want to do better.

If you set a goal and work at your goal then you will be happier because some of your goals will be achieved and your life will be better. If your goals are about people then your life will be better with your friends. If your goals are about school, your grades will get better. If your goals are about extracurricular activities, then you may win more or have more fun.

If you make resolutions that can’t be reached like winning a million dollars or to be the fastest human on the planet, then you are setting yourself up to be disappointed. It should be something you can achieve with hard work and focus. .Resolutions are good if you are willing to put effort into them. If you just wait for them to happen in the future, they will never get done unless you try.


SMARTGoals For STAAR Benchmark January 3, 2012

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On the benchmark next week my goal is to make a 95+ %
In order to make this grade I will have to stay focused and answer thoroughly


Reading Goal

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Last school year I read 13 books.

So far this year I have read 5 books.

By the end of the year, my goal is to read a total of 23 books.