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AOW – When is Sharing Stealing December 22, 2011

Filed under: Article of the Week — prushton101 @ 11:51 pm

I think it is cool that she does not lead her life to think how to get paid for everything, but was just thinking of sharing a cool picture with her friends.  Even when news companies asked to use it, she let them.

I think it also shows how something that seems small can really be a big thing.  In a book I just read, “Nothing but the Truth” by Avi, a little thing turned into a big thing. In both of these cases, the student in the book and the real life girl on the plane, the little thing was turned into a big thing by the internet, newspapers, radio and tv.  Without the internet, her picture may have never been seen by more than a small amount of family and friends.  In the book, the events might have never been known outside of town, without the radio talk shows, the newspapers and Television.  It is all related to the sharing of information.  As technology keeps getting faster and easier to share, society will keep having these problems that it already has, but it will get to be more of a big problem.

I think that the people who share pictures with no intent to make money are ok if they give credit, but the television stations and magazines that used her picture, should have paid her and definitely given her credit for the picture. They know the rules to pay professional photographers, so they should not take advantage of her just because they thought they could get away with it.

Be open to cool things because you never know how important they are until they are shared on the web.


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