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AOW- Cyber Security December 22, 2011

Filed under: Article of the Week — prushton101 @ 11:16 pm

This article highlights the risk of putting information on your facebook , twitter or blog that you really do not mean to share with the whole world.  Sometimes it is not even on your site, but on a friend’s site.  If you have friends that are not smart about what they say or the pictures they post, they could ruin your reputation even if the pictures do not include you.  I think that everyone needs to be aware of what they are putting out on the internet that could harm themselves or harm their friends.

As far as security, everyone needs to be careful who knows their passwords. One day someone could be your friend and the next day they could get mad at you and do something mean or use your identity to post something personal against you or your friends.

We all need to be careful how we choose our passwords and even our security questions.  Something that I had not thought much about was that the security questions to reset my password, are sometimes easier to figure out than my passwords.  Maybe we should think of some alternate answers for our mother’s maiden name or the name of our first pet. That way, I would know the answers on every site to reset my password but you could not research the info on the internet. 

    – Hacker


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