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AOW- Time Management Ninja December 15, 2011

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I know that these ideas might be cheesie and obvious, however they are great life lessons that I feel everyone should know….

I chose the article about how to prepare for the new year, 2012, because, I am always interested in learning how to set goals for myself and achieving them.  This article is mostly targeted to working adults but I can apply it to my life too.  The points in the article that I think are most important are the ones that show the importance of not procrastinating. 

One of the subsections talks about deadline setting:

  • Set Deadlines – As the saying goes, “Goals without deadlines are just dreams.” If you want to actually reach your goals, you need to set aggressive deadlines to get there. Otherwise, your dreams will remain just that… dreams.

This is especially important because if you don’t have a specific date goal then the date just keeps moving to sometime in the future and it may never happen.

When you set your date goal, be ambitious yet be realistic….

The Time Management Ninja says,

  • Be Realistic – Always set your sights higher than you believe you can reach. You need to stretch your potential. However, if your goals or time frames are not based in reality, you will fail. Take special caution here, it is important not to hold yourself back. You set your own limits. Whether or not you can do something is often directly related to whether or not you think you can.

I often am too ambitious not in what I try to accomplish, but in how much I think I can accomplish in my limited amount of time that I control.  The school day takes a big amount of my time and then homework takes more of my time.  I choose to spend my remaining time on eating, sleeping and my  outside activities. This leaves little time for my big goals that I want to accomplish.  Sometimes my daily activities help as little steps on my goals.


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