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AOW- Destructive Myths to Live By December 15, 2011

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1. Do you believe that the assertions made in this article are correct?

I feel some of the statements are true but I also feel that some of them are only slightly off.  I agree that it is a myth that it is better to work on many things at once or to work longer hours.  People should work and play, but not try to do everything at once.  That is not productive. As far as the creativity myth,  I believe that every person’s brain is different, filled with different ideas and ways to interpret things.  All people are born with diverse intelligence levels. Although some may have more than others, more can be learned.  When a person has a unique idea, it may strike someone else as creative just because it is a new idea that they have not previously seen or heard. So, sometimes if a person has less opportunity to be exposed to new ideas, they have less to work with to create more. 

As far as the idea that a little anxiety is a good thing, I agree however it depends on the circumstance.  If you are making someone nervous because you are in power like a boss or a teacher, then anxiety is not a good thing because that is external stress.  If you are a performer, and the anxiety is because you are driven to do a great job, then some anxiety can actually help you by giving you stamina. 

2. Do you feel schools / teachers still live by these myths?

Some teachers do believe these myths.  Some will have students try to do several things at once and tell you that you should get used to it because that is the real world, rather than help you focus on one task that you can do an awesome job.  I feel that you can learn a topic better if you are not thinking of other things at the same time.  If you are actually trying to learn about something new, it should be ok to learn one thing at a time but not two. 

3. What should schools do to ensure that they are not living by these myths?

School should train their teachers and make sure that they read the latest research like this so that they do not do things that stress the students and cause them to learn less.



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