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Hero Essay December 13, 2011

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There are two different types of Heroes, the ones who don’t care about fame or fortune, and those who do. People in times, are forced to choose between having it better for themselves, or sacrificing for others. If you were put in a situation like that, would you be the stronger one who stood up even though it was hard?  Most people think of firefighters or soldiers when associating with the word Hero, but heroes don’t have to be these certain people. Heroes can be anybody on the street who decides to do something for the better of their community, or someone who is brave enough to save another’s life.  The true hero is the one who does not get paid or reported about, but just feels the need to give a helping hand.


                The first type of hero is a person who is helpful to others just because they know someone is watching. If nobody is there to watch, they won’t care anymore. This is the way I see a hero the most, although I am well aware that this is not the most occurring type of person. This is because; the person who is rewarded in public or on the news is the one we see the most. The hero who cares just wants to help and not be rewarded. The one that I strive to be like is not the one who is known for glory, but the one behind the scene. Although these first kinds of people might have done something good, they did not care about the person they affected.


                The second type of person is the true hero. This person does not seek fame, but is motivated by a true since of purpose. Often this kind of hero will act without thinking because their character is already formed to do the right thing. They may act in spite of bullets flying, flames or other danger, because they naturally put others before themselves. Unlike the heroes who seek publicity, these Heroes will often say that they did not do anything more than anybody else would have done. Truly most people would have not acted upon it that way. Also, the first kind would have not cared about the person as much as the credit, where the second hero would be the complete opposite.


                You cannot tell what kind of hero a person is, based on their occupation. A heroic profession, like firefighting, may contain either kind. An ordinary citizen, can also be either kind. When someone performs an heroic act, they are a hero, but you can only know what kind of hero they are, by looking at their motivation.  The first kind of hero, who seeks fame and maybe even fortune, is not bad because good came out of their actions. The second kind of hero is the one we should really honor, because they truly care about what they did and the people who were helped.


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