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AOW – When is Sharing Stealing December 22, 2011

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I think it is cool that she does not lead her life to think how to get paid for everything, but was just thinking of sharing a cool picture with her friends.  Even when news companies asked to use it, she let them.

I think it also shows how something that seems small can really be a big thing.  In a book I just read, “Nothing but the Truth” by Avi, a little thing turned into a big thing. In both of these cases, the student in the book and the real life girl on the plane, the little thing was turned into a big thing by the internet, newspapers, radio and tv.  Without the internet, her picture may have never been seen by more than a small amount of family and friends.  In the book, the events might have never been known outside of town, without the radio talk shows, the newspapers and Television.  It is all related to the sharing of information.  As technology keeps getting faster and easier to share, society will keep having these problems that it already has, but it will get to be more of a big problem.

I think that the people who share pictures with no intent to make money are ok if they give credit, but the television stations and magazines that used her picture, should have paid her and definitely given her credit for the picture. They know the rules to pay professional photographers, so they should not take advantage of her just because they thought they could get away with it.

Be open to cool things because you never know how important they are until they are shared on the web.


AOW- Cyber Security

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This article highlights the risk of putting information on your facebook , twitter or blog that you really do not mean to share with the whole world.  Sometimes it is not even on your site, but on a friend’s site.  If you have friends that are not smart about what they say or the pictures they post, they could ruin your reputation even if the pictures do not include you.  I think that everyone needs to be aware of what they are putting out on the internet that could harm themselves or harm their friends.

As far as security, everyone needs to be careful who knows their passwords. One day someone could be your friend and the next day they could get mad at you and do something mean or use your identity to post something personal against you or your friends.

We all need to be careful how we choose our passwords and even our security questions.  Something that I had not thought much about was that the security questions to reset my password, are sometimes easier to figure out than my passwords.  Maybe we should think of some alternate answers for our mother’s maiden name or the name of our first pet. That way, I would know the answers on every site to reset my password but you could not research the info on the internet. 

    – Hacker


Book Review – Nothing but the Truth by Avi

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If you are looking for a good book that makes you think, Nothing but theTruth  is for you. This story really makes you consider who is right and who is wrong.  The story line is very interesting, but leaves the reader hoping that there is a sequel to tell them more of what happens in the end. It is a real page turner, that makes you fully understand how one little thing can turn into a big, big deal.

Phillip Malloy is a pretty typical 9th grade boy with a pretty typical life, when a series of events puts him in the national spotlight.  His main interest is track and he trains every day to be fast like his father, who never got a chance to run in college. Phillip doesn’t like his English class, especially the way his teacher, Miss Narwin, focuses on the classics.  Even though he does pretty well in school in general, he finds the English class boring and so he is often the class clown. He doesn’t read the books and he makes funny comments in class.

His English teacher, Miss Narwin, has taught for many years and she believes in what she is teaching. She wants to be an even better teacher, but the school will not pay for her to go to a class in new methods. When Phillip gets a D grade in English, he wants out of Miss Narwin’s class.  When he is changed to Miss Narwin’s class for homeroom, he starts humming the National Anthem in conflict with the instructions on the announcements.  Is he being patriotic, or just trying to get on her nerves? After he is suspended for disrupting with his singing, Phillip is put more and more in the spotlight. 

Events start happening that he may not be able to control.  What really happened and why, may be lost as his “patriotic” singing take on a life of its own.  With politicians and school budgets, along with radio, TV and newspapers involved, will the real truth be known?  This book clearly shows the difference between “The Truth” and the truth in the context of what happened. Read it and decide for yourself when is the Truth NOT the Truth.


AOW- Time Management Ninja December 15, 2011

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I know that these ideas might be cheesie and obvious, however they are great life lessons that I feel everyone should know….

I chose the article about how to prepare for the new year, 2012, because, I am always interested in learning how to set goals for myself and achieving them.  This article is mostly targeted to working adults but I can apply it to my life too.  The points in the article that I think are most important are the ones that show the importance of not procrastinating. 

One of the subsections talks about deadline setting:

  • Set Deadlines – As the saying goes, “Goals without deadlines are just dreams.” If you want to actually reach your goals, you need to set aggressive deadlines to get there. Otherwise, your dreams will remain just that… dreams.

This is especially important because if you don’t have a specific date goal then the date just keeps moving to sometime in the future and it may never happen.

When you set your date goal, be ambitious yet be realistic….

The Time Management Ninja says,

  • Be Realistic – Always set your sights higher than you believe you can reach. You need to stretch your potential. However, if your goals or time frames are not based in reality, you will fail. Take special caution here, it is important not to hold yourself back. You set your own limits. Whether or not you can do something is often directly related to whether or not you think you can.

I often am too ambitious not in what I try to accomplish, but in how much I think I can accomplish in my limited amount of time that I control.  The school day takes a big amount of my time and then homework takes more of my time.  I choose to spend my remaining time on eating, sleeping and my  outside activities. This leaves little time for my big goals that I want to accomplish.  Sometimes my daily activities help as little steps on my goals.


AOW- Destructive Myths to Live By

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1. Do you believe that the assertions made in this article are correct?

I feel some of the statements are true but I also feel that some of them are only slightly off.  I agree that it is a myth that it is better to work on many things at once or to work longer hours.  People should work and play, but not try to do everything at once.  That is not productive. As far as the creativity myth,  I believe that every person’s brain is different, filled with different ideas and ways to interpret things.  All people are born with diverse intelligence levels. Although some may have more than others, more can be learned.  When a person has a unique idea, it may strike someone else as creative just because it is a new idea that they have not previously seen or heard. So, sometimes if a person has less opportunity to be exposed to new ideas, they have less to work with to create more. 

As far as the idea that a little anxiety is a good thing, I agree however it depends on the circumstance.  If you are making someone nervous because you are in power like a boss or a teacher, then anxiety is not a good thing because that is external stress.  If you are a performer, and the anxiety is because you are driven to do a great job, then some anxiety can actually help you by giving you stamina. 

2. Do you feel schools / teachers still live by these myths?

Some teachers do believe these myths.  Some will have students try to do several things at once and tell you that you should get used to it because that is the real world, rather than help you focus on one task that you can do an awesome job.  I feel that you can learn a topic better if you are not thinking of other things at the same time.  If you are actually trying to learn about something new, it should be ok to learn one thing at a time but not two. 

3. What should schools do to ensure that they are not living by these myths?

School should train their teachers and make sure that they read the latest research like this so that they do not do things that stress the students and cause them to learn less.



Hero Essay December 13, 2011

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There are two different types of Heroes, the ones who don’t care about fame or fortune, and those who do. People in times, are forced to choose between having it better for themselves, or sacrificing for others. If you were put in a situation like that, would you be the stronger one who stood up even though it was hard?  Most people think of firefighters or soldiers when associating with the word Hero, but heroes don’t have to be these certain people. Heroes can be anybody on the street who decides to do something for the better of their community, or someone who is brave enough to save another’s life.  The true hero is the one who does not get paid or reported about, but just feels the need to give a helping hand.


                The first type of hero is a person who is helpful to others just because they know someone is watching. If nobody is there to watch, they won’t care anymore. This is the way I see a hero the most, although I am well aware that this is not the most occurring type of person. This is because; the person who is rewarded in public or on the news is the one we see the most. The hero who cares just wants to help and not be rewarded. The one that I strive to be like is not the one who is known for glory, but the one behind the scene. Although these first kinds of people might have done something good, they did not care about the person they affected.


                The second type of person is the true hero. This person does not seek fame, but is motivated by a true since of purpose. Often this kind of hero will act without thinking because their character is already formed to do the right thing. They may act in spite of bullets flying, flames or other danger, because they naturally put others before themselves. Unlike the heroes who seek publicity, these Heroes will often say that they did not do anything more than anybody else would have done. Truly most people would have not acted upon it that way. Also, the first kind would have not cared about the person as much as the credit, where the second hero would be the complete opposite.


                You cannot tell what kind of hero a person is, based on their occupation. A heroic profession, like firefighting, may contain either kind. An ordinary citizen, can also be either kind. When someone performs an heroic act, they are a hero, but you can only know what kind of hero they are, by looking at their motivation.  The first kind of hero, who seeks fame and maybe even fortune, is not bad because good came out of their actions. The second kind of hero is the one we should really honor, because they truly care about what they did and the people who were helped.


AOW- iPad Shortcuts December 1, 2011

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The keyboard short cuts are pretty cool. Some of them I knew, but some of the “secret” ones I didn’t. Knowing an undocumented shortcut is like knowing a secret feature in a video game.  It makes you feel like you are in a special club.

One feature that my iPhone has, that I like, is the personalized autocorrect. Not only does it correct my spelling, it learns the names of friends and unusual words that I use, and then it starts recognizing that is what I meant.

I think that technology is really good in helping me communicate, and getting my homework done quickly. Of course, when you are moving fast you have to be careful or auto correct may end up giving you something pretty funny in your message.