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AOW-Litre of Light November 11, 2011

Filed under: Article of the Week — prushton101 @ 4:48 am

This solution to the problem is really great.  The most important thing about the solution is that it is easy and cheap.  It even uses plastic bottles that might end up in landfills.  I think that it would be good if there was a way for ideas like these to be shared quickly. Ideas that have the following qualities should be shared and a website built for people to donate to help.  Money could be used for the materials needed and to train people to take the idea to new locations.  The people trained could be workers in the challenging locations.

1. Easy to make and install especially if they can be made and installed by the people needing it. 

Benefits: It does not need skilled labor that might not be available or affordable.  It provides activities and jobs for people who may not have a job or need to work while caring for children or elderly.

2. Cheap to make

Benefit: It costs the people needing it very little.  If others are donating to the project, then the donated funds go to help more people.

3. Environmentally friendly – The creation and use of the product should not harm people.

Benefits:  If the materials are recycled like the plastic bottles, then they do not end up in the garbage and also they cost less.  If the solution is safe around people and children then that is a benefit.  Sometimes when people have limited choices they use dangerous materials.  If the people in the video needed light and could not afford the electricity, they might have used candles or fires inside their houses which could be very dangerous.

A way to get more good ideas like this would be to hold contests at schools and universities to see what great ideas are created.  The winner could get a trip to travel to a country to set up the idea in real life.  Students are very motivated to help the earth because they are going to have to live here the longest.  They realize the most that we need to stop polluting the planet.

I really like this idea because it shows that an invention does not need a computer and can be really simple.


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