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AOW-Hometown Heroes with video November 7, 2011

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     The WWII veterans are heroes.  Earl Morse, who started the organization Freedom Flights, is also a hero for making sure that the WWII heroes are still honored.  Mr. Morse started a movement that both honored the veterans and also raised awareness of the sacrifice of the WWII veterans. 

     This awareness first expanded to the veterans being honored around the country as he got support for the flights, both from family member and donors.   As this awareness grew even more, then companies like American Airlines did something similar with the Freedom Flight that Cross Timbers Middle School participated in. 

    This project was different from Mr. Morse’s original idea, because it used kids to accompany the veterans to the memorial.  This was an even better expansion of the project because it made the current generation more knowledgeable of the veterans’ heroic actions and also it was even more enjoyable for the veterans to know that the current generation still honors them and their actions.

This is the Cross Timbers Middle School Freedom Flight project that was inspired by the WWII veterans and a current hero, Earl Morse who worked to honor them.


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